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Kyocera kudos for green education

A tip of the hat to Green Education and Prudential, which recently won the Kyocera Thames Valley GreenLight Award for its Green Park Wind Turbine Visitors Centre.

The eco-friendly centre was designed to provide free education about environmental issues to local schoolchildren and community groups. The programme is focused on teaching visitors about not only wind turbine technology but the larger threat of global climate change as well.

Open for a little over one year, the centre has already drawn 6,500-plus visitors from more than 300 schools and community groups. That includes everyone from three-year-olds from a local nursery to retirees ages 65 and up.

Green Education, a small environmentally focused community group, created the centre in partnership with Prudential, a private property management organisation.

Kyocera kudos for green education – The Global View

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