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KLM to fly on algae fuel

algae1.jpgAlgae is fast becoming Greenbang’s environmental hero. It can be used in carbon sequestration, biofuels – it won’t be long til it’s cropping up as luncheon meat, Greenbang reckons. Given the potential of algae, Greenbang reckons that the term ‘pond scum’ should no longer be deemed an insult but a complement. Although she won’t be testing it out on any family members/authority figures any time soon though.

The latest convert to the green is good mantra is airline KLM, which has signed a deal with Dutch algae fuel makers AlgaeLink.

According to AlgaeLink, the pair have inked an agreement that will see the company “set up and to manage pilot algae cultivation plants for the production of algae oil, and to develop the technology to convert the algae oil into high quality jet fuel”.

How cool is that?

Dow Jones has more details on the deal and says AlgaeLink will start taking delivery of the pond much fuel from the end of this year.

Dow Jones says algae could make a tasty biofuel because of its speedy growth rate and the high oil content – up to 50 percent – that crops up in some algae crops.

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  • citizensmith
    Posted May 28, 2008 at 11:47 am

    isn’t the feedstock CO2.
    thats what the buzz about Origo is…..

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