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Kinetic power switches lights on wirelessly

lampA Canada-based subsidiary of Philips has developed an innovative system that uses photovoltaics and kinetic energy to wirelessly switch lights on and off.

Ledalite’s Airwave™ technology requires no wiring or batteries. Instead, the simple action of pushing a switch generates enough kinetic energy to send a wireless command to dim a light, turn it on or switch it off.

The Airwave system also features photosensors that monitor ambient lighting and automatically dim lamps to save energy when there’s enough natural light coming in.

“With the advances of wireless communication and miniaturized energy harvesting technology, Airwave takes energy savings and controls to a whole new level — giving people greater control of their luminous environment while simultaneously eliminating many of the traditional obstacles like hardwiring, complex commissioning and cost,” said Tim Berman, Ledalite’s president. “Airwave is a way to enhance our experience inside the built environment and positively impact our natural environment.”

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