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Job alert: ethical research analyst

calcEthical Investment Research Services (EIRIS) is looking for a research analyst to join its social research team. The job involves assessing companies across several sectors on a range of social and governance criteria.

It all sounds reasonably good:

You will have some understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues and must be able to efficiently communicate and summarise complex material both verbally and in writing. You will need to be accurate and efficient, have strong computer skills in a range of programmes, a good level of numeracy and be a fast learner. 

But not everything is peachy. For some inexplicable reason, the salary is £23,927 (why not just push the boat out and call it a round £24k, we wonder?) — and the applicant must be willing to take on “routine repetitive tasks”. On second thoughts, though, perhaps the company is just honest and ethical enough to say out loud what most jobs involve anyway…

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