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Job alert: CSR manager at travel firm

diveFirst Choice Holidays has a spot open for a corporate social responsibility (CSR) manager. Now doesn’t that sound good? Given that CSR is a rather all-encompassing term, the job description itself makes it reasonably hard to tell exactly what you’d be doing, but it all seems rather promising.

Reporting to the First Choice Head of CSR, this is a broad remit that will see you create internal and external reports to detail our position, develop internal communications strategies and business opportunities that relate to our impact on the environment and local communities, and influence management at all levels. What’s more, you’ll spend up to two days a week working with our Activity Holidays sector, helping them to develop their sustainability policies and initiatives.

Greenbang imagines the temptation would be to do an “on-site” check of the top 10 destinations, to detail their position on sustainability. Indeed, one of the requirements is listed as “Must be prepared to travel”. And you’d get up to £37,000 a year for the pleasure. Of course, it does raise the tricky question of: exactly how should a CSR manager choose to travel for work?

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