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Jet to Bali for renewables holiday, sorry conference…

image012.gifNever offset your carbon? What do you mean, it’s all a big sham?

But that would mean you have to think twice about going to swanky events like this one, in Bali this August.  It looks pretty interesting.


The Philippines Government is drafting a “greenprint” to make the Philippines energy-independent in the years to come. The administration is determined to wean the country from its dependence on imported crude oil by developing the country’s natural resources and putting heavy investments in bio fuels, geothermal, wind and solar and other alternative sources of energy.

Can someone please invent a clean (fast) way of getting there? Otherwise you get stuck in the debate – do I go? But that makes me a bit of a hypocrite? But if I do go, I can do soooo much good for the world. And I can offset the airmiles.


For more information, the Phillipines Department of Energy has more. But you can find the link yourself this time.

Jet to Bali for renewables holiday, sorry conference… – The Global View

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