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Japan promises 80 pc carbon cut by 2050

emissions1.jpgGreenbang never thought she’d say this after the whole ‘scientific’ whaling thing, but it seems that Japan is her new environmental hero.

No, really – Greenbang is deeply impressed by Japan’s sheer guts this week after the country’s PM Yasuo Fukuda said that Japan will cut its carbon emissions by between 60 and 80 percent by 2050, The International Herald Tribune reports.

And that’s not all, says the paper, Fukuda, is going to put $1.2 billion into a “an international greenhouse gas reductions fund and will take a more supportive role in establishing an emissions trading market worldwide”.

Greenbang loves Fukuda’s beautifully understated quote on the whole process: “This will involve extreme effort.” Yep, Greenbang imagines it will. And then some.

That was all a bit serious for Greenbang wasn’t it? Here’s one of Greenbang’s favourite jokes to even things out:

What game can you play with a wombat?

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