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IT Summit…dodgy stats?…where did all the women go?

Two observations about the European Green IT Summit today, even though we’re not even there.

Well the first is that it’s happening – and that in our opinion is a very good thing. Well, it’s a very good thing, providing that a lot of people don’t get up on stage and say: “We must act now.”

Now then – some interesting but questionable and headline-hungry PR stats came through the digital letterbox today. The report, sent by on behalf of 1E, said:

“A worrying proportion of UK IT managers are still not feeling the pressure to reduce corporate power consumption and carbon emissions, according to new research from 1E, the specialist UK based provider of PC power management software for Windows environments.

The survey, commissioned by 1E, of 100 IT managers from enterprise organisations revealed that, despite growing pressure from business leaders, internal CSR teams and government legislation, around one third of respondents still feel zero pressure to reduce power consumption.

These findings are all the more surprising given that almost 90 per cent of respondents also claim to be aware of their employer’s broader environment policy. The fact that only 23% of IT managers surveyed by 1E have direct ownership of their corporate power bills explains this trend.”

Sorry, but Greenbang doesn’t buy that. We’ve got a some of the biggest names heading down to a place to talk about just that at this summit – the debate has moved on from six months ago 1E.

How many CEOs do you know who ignore rising costs of anything – fuel, labour or entertainment. Despite the results, we think they are wrong.

However – the Greenbang reader survey is on its way to completion (please fill it out if you haven’t yet done so.)

One thing it’s showing is that a large number of people who read and get jiggy with Greenbang are women. That really echoes something we’ve seen in the sustainability industry – sisters are sustaining it.

But the big names at this event contradict that. Look at the European Green IT Summit’s list of speakers – is it us or there just three women on the speakers’ list?

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