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Israel Cleantech Ventures nets $75m for first green fund

field.jpgAs anyone who’s watched all six Star Wars films can tell you, the start of a story is often better than the end. Especially when it comes to news stories, let Greenbang tell you.

However, Greenbang’s going to make an exception today and bring you the story of a green tech fund that’s just closed. It’s a story with a happy ending too – it’s closed with more funds than expected.

The hero of this story is Israel Cleantech Ventures, which dropped us a line today to tell us it’s closed its first fund with $75M – $15 million more than it had originally planned on.

The company’s a mere two years old, but it’s already invested in this little lot:

Aqwise (waste water treatment), CellEra (fuel cells), Citrine Renewable Energy (landfill biogas treatment), Emefcy (energy production from wastewater), Metrolight (energy efficient lighting), Project Better Place (electric vehicle infrastructure), and Pythagoras Solar (solar energy).

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