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Isle of Mann race to be zero emission…?

VectrixWhat’s the sweetest phrase in the English language? ‘This chocolate makes you thin’ is a good start. ‘This alcohol will leave you with no hangover’ is getting closer. But also ranking highly is ‘this vehicle will out accelerate all but a Formula 1 car and release no emissions’.

There’s always been a soft spot in Greenbang’s heart for motorbikes, not only are they inexpensive, go really fast and give great adrenaline rushes they also are really light so emit precious little CO2 per km. And this is set to decrease further at the true home of bike racing – the Isle of Mann.

Next year, running alongside the main race there will also be an environmentally friendly race, called the TTxGP, to push technology that little bit futher. Whilst the organiser’s could not confirm teams at this early stage, Greenbang has been given a sneak peak at the one bike likely to be raced, the imaginatively titled Vectrix Electric Superbike, pictured above.

The organisers have stated the race will be the ‘world’s first Clean Emissions Grand Prix race’ and ‘showcase a diverse range of clean emission vehicles capable of reaching Grand Prix race speeds. Racing teams are likely to be backed by international corporations, universities and high tech institutions, all eager to prove their credentials in the brave new world of clean emission transportation.’

There will also be a open class race for innovative cottage teams that are experimenting with alternative energy sources. These teams will be required to build the bike to a set budget using off-the-shelf power sources only.

“It’s unlikely the vehicles will be close to the petroleum ones… petrol has had 100 years to evolve,” race coordinator, Azhar Hussain, told Greenbang.  “Vehicles will still be quite fast though, probably 70 to 100mph.

“We’ve made the conditions of entry as low as possible, for example there is no minimum weight.

“The intention is to run a long term series… we’d like to take it to other parts of the world and ultimately make clean emission vehicles sexy.”

Kingston University’s course director for motorsport and motorcycle engineering, Paul Brandon has said of the race “Designing a solution for a course as demanding the Isle of Man TT circuit will further increase the impetus to bring cost effective, clean transport technologies to the general public.”

Teams and sponsors can register at here.


  • smitke
    Posted November 21, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    No emission???????
    Think again, or can we think no more , green ones.

  • Tim Raines
    Posted June 30, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    The bike is the hottest design for any bike, especially among the emerging zero emission category. Visit for more shots and features.

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