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Suzuki takes hydrogen FC order

exhaustWe’re back to the old question about hydrogen.  How do you safely store it.  Cooling the gas to 253 degrees below zero takes energy.  And, as a gas very little can be stored.

However, a press release fell onto Greenbang’s desk this morning that suggests a company has moved a stage further in producing a realistic container for its cars.  It also suggests another Japanese car maker is about to muscle itself into the hydrogen market.

Quantum today announced it has shipped a new storage system to the Japanese motor company Suzuki.  According to the release it is ‘ultra light weight’ and uses ‘advanced composite’ materials.

Basically all this means that it can contain hydrogen at a higher fuel density giving a better range without shrinking the boot or main area of the car.

The press release also states:

These systems exhibit exceptional fast-fill performance and low permeation levels. Quantum was also able to achieve further reductions in material cost and improvements in both material utilization and manufacturing efficiency compared with previous generation tanks.

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