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Irving Oil switches to tidal energy

canadaflag.jpgApparently, according to Greenbang’s brekkie connoisseur chums, bacon and maple syrup are an unlikely but beautiful marriage. Like Tia Maria and orange juice or Johnny Cash and Nine Inch Nails. Greenbang is skeptical to say the least. Bacon and maple syrup? You might as well roll stuff a sausage roll with sugar lumps and call it a breakfast treat. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Another Canadian-flavoured marriage that’s also unlikely but definitely pleasing: Irving Oil – owner of Canada’s largest petroleum refinery – and tidal energy.

The lucky devils at Irving have got approval from the New Brunswick’s Department of Natural Resources to have a look at starting up tidal power projects in the Bay of Fundy.

To kick things off, it’s teamed up with the local Huntsman Marine Science Centre for the next two years to look at 11 potential sites in the region, studying their respective environment, tidal patterns, climatic conditions and aquatic life to see if they’re good candidates.

The 11 regions are around 25 hectares and extend from Cape Enrage, near Chignecto Bay, down to the Western Passage areas of Passamaquoddy Bay.

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