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iPods going unrecycled?


Greenbang is a grown up. Greenbang never takes the opportunity to make shabby puns just because she can. And for that reason, Greenbang would never make a joke like: despite WEEE directive, electronics recycling rates in Europe are still piss weak.

Such a lazy pun is inspired by the news that in spite of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, recycling rates remain lower than Les Dennis’ self esteem.

EE Times reckons:

“Presently only 25 percent of Europe’s medium sized household appliances and 40 percent of larger appliances are collected for salvage or recycling. Small appliances are collected at a quota of almost zero. This leaves “substantial room for improvement,” criticizes study manager Ruediger Kuehr of the [United Nations University] office in Bonn, Germany.
Kuehr named a long-term target of 60 percent collection rate for small items such as MP3 players as well as for medium sized audio equipment, microwave ovens and TV sets. “

Greenbang wonders if all those who aren’t recycling their MP3 players are yet to discover eBay.