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Investors unimpressed with green prospects?


Some interesting stats out of Allianz Investors this week, on the back of a survey quizzing US investors on whether they’re keen to spend on green. And the investor community looks about as impressed with the prospect of investing in environmental mutuals or companies as they are finding their pipes have broken on the same day their beloved puppy has contracted an explosive stomach bug.

Here’s a sample of stats from the report: only 17 percent of those surveyed had invested in a company because it was working on products to solve environmental issues and only 7 percent said they were very likely to invest in the coming year, although another 42 percent said they were somewhat likely

Interestingly, 24 percent of people quizzed said they hadn’t invested in green companies or mutuals because “It’s too hard to get accurate information about what companies are really doing to address environmental issues” and 21 percent said “‘Environmental investing’ is the latest fad — not a profitable
investment strategy.”

And the dreaded greenwashing has reared its head again, with 78 percent of the investors saying most companies today focus on environmental issues because of the public relations benefit, rather than the financial value, while 38 percent of people said the agree with the statement “I am already sick of hearing companies talking
about “going green”.” Ouch.

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