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Intel China fund ready to spend on clean tech

money2.jpgThink Intel and you probably think of a jingle that goes dink dink DINK DINK and back in the dark mists of history also featured blue men mucking about in some paint. Or something.

If you need to purge that gruesome image from your delicate mind and find a more friendly mental image, then let Greenbang grease those wheels with a nice image of clean tech investment.

For Intel has a VC arm, called Intel Capital. It’s been feeling spendy of late and has a $500 million fund which is wants to dispose of in China, laying its bets on “wireless broadband, technology, media, telecommunications and “clean tech” that complement Intel’s corporate initiatives and help expand technology market segments in China”.

No word yet on what that type of clean tech that will be, but interesting nonetheless.

Intel China fund ready to spend on clean tech – The Global View

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