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Innovation Exchange offers quick eco-fixes

out-of-the-boxWhy re-invent the wheel when the wheel-maker up the road will let you borrow his plans for free? Why, indeed?

That’s the same logic that’s led the Washington, DC-based Environmental Defense Fund to roll out a new online resource for companies seeking money-saving and eco-friendly strategies. Dubbed the Innovation Exchange, the site provides a free marketplace of proven ideas for businesses that want to go green and save some green at the same time.

The exchange lets users search for ideas by industry sector or by environmental issue. Its section for Telecom and Information Technology, for example, features case studies about solar-powered data center operator Affordable Internet Services Online, Sun Microsystems’ telework program, Google’s shuttle bus service for employees and Integrated Design Associates’ zero-carbon initiative.

The Innovation Exchange also features a plethora of links and tools, including a nanotechnology risk assessment framework, a paper calculator and a five-step getting started guide for businesses just launching a green effort.

“In today’s tough business environment, no company can afford to miss out on proven strategies to cut costs and improve brand value,” said Gwen Ruta, vice president of corporate partnerships at the Environmental Defense Fund. “This new community will enable businesses leaders to learn from their peers, contribute ideas and success stories and leverage the power of collective innovation.”

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