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Innocent boasts of carbon cuts


This CBI blah that came out today is really generating a lot of press releases from companies that boast they’re up to the challenge.

Here is one such company – although it’s still not been proven smoothies are actually good for you… 🙂

Innocent, one of the first three companies to sign up to the Carbon Trust labelling scheme, is delighted to announce we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by 15% in just six months.

On the back of our audit with the Carbon Trust, we got to work on a number of initiatives to reduce our carbon emissions, including rolling out a 100% PCR bottle and encouraging our suppliers to go green.

Here’s what they claim:

  • First ever drinks company to offer 100% recycled plastic bottlesIn September we became the first ever drinks company in the world to put 100% recycled PET packaging on shelf
  • No virgin material is used in the making of our new bottles. They are fully recyclable at the end of life and use 20% less plastic overall than our original packaging
  • The move will see a dramatic 55% reduction in the overall carbon footprint of our drinks
  • Four of our recipes are currently available in the new 100% recycled plastic, and the rest of the range will join them in January 2008
  • Moving suppliers to greener options
  • As part of our drive to turn our suppliers green we have been paying them all a visit to discuss sustainable initiatives to help reduce their carbon footprint
  • One of our co-packers has already achieved a 54% reduction in waste to landfill within six months, and hopes to achieve a 10% energy usage saving by the end of this year
  • Encouraged by the results, they recently made the ultimate carbon commitment of purchasing 100% renewable energy for their site. Just like innocent.

Jessica Sansom, sustainability manager at innocent drinks says “We are all really proud of what we’ve managed to achieve following our carbon audit. We’d encourage everyone out there to take a look at their carbon footprint – this year has shown that a few simple measures, and some hard work, can make a real difference. We have lots more to do next year to continue to reduce our environmental impact”

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