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IHS gets wallet out for eco-software twosome

report.jpgNot only is environmental business big business, but information about environmental business is no small beer either. Got that? Good.

Research company IHS has got out its chequebook and pen and delivered $43.5 million to buy two other green software providers Dolphin Software and Environmental Software Providers or ESP to its friends and those who like acronyms.

Dolphin sells software to help you manage your chemicals and compliance, as well as environmental reporting software. It cost $23.5 million.

ESP sells software to help you manage corporate-wide sustainability programs including greenhouse gas management, air, water, and waste management, internal and regulatory compliance assurance incident management and management of emissions allowance and credit portfolios. It cost $20 million.

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  • Allan
    Posted March 23, 2008 at 6:48 am

    Wonderful buys at this point while the march towards socially responsible and environmentally responsible business practices in still in a nascent state.

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