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If your company was an animal, what would it be?

No? Greenbang hates stupid questions too.

But IBM has gone to town on this one. As well as releasing some interesting stats about how IT folk are ignoring energy concerns, they’ve only gone and taken a step into the feel-good world of comparing companies to animals.

Greenbang wonders what kind of creative inspiration was going around the IBM offices the day they decided to that.

But here we go – the four types of companies and their attitudes towards green things (to be read in the voice of Sir David Attenborough, if you would):

766543_gorilla_head.jpg1 – The gorilla: Typically the big emitting businesses that act to avoid financial problems



823276_peacock_2.jpg 2 – The peacock – Typically brand aware organisations, often low emitters, but risk accusation of green washing.




209717_yes_ostrich_bite.jpg 3 – The Ostrich – medium to high on the scale of carbon emissions. Often companies whose growth and future profits are intrinsically linked to carbon usage. Tendency to stick head in sand.

231403_mules.jpg4 – The mule – Typically low to medium carbon emitters. The mule accepts climate change is important but fails to act with any sense of urgency.

Well thanks for that IBM. You’ve made Greenbang’s day ūüôā

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