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IBM’s movements in clean tech

IBM’s got more of the same going on. Greenbang’s going to meet IBM today, so we’ll see what else is happening.

Again from those CNet people:

…IBM is working “in earnest” with GridPoint, a company that builds a system for generating renewable energy and storing it at people’s homes. Utiltities can play an important role in getting this relatively expensive product–which costs over $10,000–into the market, Clark said.

In the area of water conservation, IBM is starting to work with start-ups that have developed systems that can monitor and collect information on water quality. Municipalities are potential customers, Clark said.

In the case of water, it can build models that track changes to water quality over time, or create a dashboard that provides a real-time display of different factors.

Other areas on IBM’s clean tech watch-list include calculating corporations’ “carbon footprint” and working with green building companies for better energy efficiency.

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