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i10 offers £5,000 low-carbon award to East England businesses

footprintThe business-to-university support service i10 is offering a Low Carbon Collaboration Award of £5,000 to East of England businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprints and establish green credentials.

The award is designed to recognise the carbon reduction efforts of innovative companies that tap the wealth of experience and research carried out by students and academics at local universities and higher education institutes.

The award-winning business will receive a £5,000 voucher to carry out further university collaboration work. The voucher could be used for a variety of different knowledge transfer projects, including consultancy, research and development, facility hire or low-carbon courses and training.

The award is open to businesses in the East of England that have collaborated with a university on a low-carbon project. The collaboration project needs to have ended after 1 July 2008. The deadline for entries is 30 June.

Entries will be judged on two aspects:  the success of the project already carried out by the company and the outline plan for future low-carbon collaboration work the company would fund with the £5,000 voucher.

The award has been funded by the East of England’s European Regional Development Fund awarded by
the East of England Development Agency.

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