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Hydrogen tech firm to enter German market

greenchekGreenChek Technologies Inc., a provider of hydrogen-based technology for mobile transportation and stationary power generation applications, has announced plans to enter the German marketplace in the first quarter of 2010, in conjunction with its distribution partner TESEL.

GreenChek will use test data gathered in France and England for the planned entrance into Germany. In Germany, it will also install its Emissions Reductions Device (ERD) units on a world-class transportation company’s heavy goods vehicles.

“While we are currently focused on the ERD installations in France and England, we are subsequently preparing for the deployment of our technology in Germany,” said Lincoln Parke, GreenChek’s president and CEO. “The future of hydrogen fuel cell implementation in Europe is on its way and we are excited about the company’s prospects in the commercialisation of the ERD in this lucrative market.”

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