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Hydrogen storage firm taps Russian for president

ball-wavesSwitzerland-based C.En Ltd., a developer of hydrogen storage technology, has nominated Russian academician E.P. Velikhov as its honorary president.

“I believe that the fulfillment of the potential of this technology will resolve one of the central issues facing society today,” Velikhov stated in his letter of acceptance. He said he believes C.En’s storage technology will enable the optimal usage of hydrogen as a “green energy” source, greatly reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Velikhov is president of the Kurchatov Institute – Russian Scientific Centre, and head of the Public Chamber of Russia. He has received the American Physical Society and Science and Peace Prizes, as well as the State Prize of the Russian Federation.

A privately held company, C.En has developed a technology for the safe storage of hydrogen in multi-capillary arrays. It claims its technology is lighter, cheaper and safer than competing approaches.

“The principles of hydrogen storage in capillary arrays have been firmly established,” said Dan Eliezer, C.En’s vice president and chief scientist. “The development of a final storage system is only a question of engineering.”

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