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Hydrogen powered whale watching


The last time Greenbang attempted whale watching, she spent a lot of time watching her fellow passengers vomit and barely seconds watching whales.

Had Greenbang been on the Icelandic whalewatching vessel the Elding, she might not have been any better off on the hurling stakes but she would at least have had the pleasure of being on a hydrogen powered boat.

Here’s some more deets from, The Age:

But in a few weeks, the Elding – Icelandic for “Lightning” – will be transformed into the world’s first hydrogen-equipped commercial vessel, the latest sign that Iceland is pushing hard to become the first nation to break free from the constraints of fossil fuel.[…] When the crew spot whales at sea, they shut down the main engines to let people hear the mammals swim and blow water – an experience owner Vignir Sigursveinsson said had been marred in the past by the rumble of a diesel auxiliary engine below.

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