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Hydroelectric meets hydrogen at Lake Placid


To paraphrase Hannibal of the A-Team, Greenbang loves it when a two green technologies come together. Such a fusion can be found over at Lake Placid, a place that, until now, Greenbang associated with a rather craptacular horror movie of the same name.

The Mayor over at Lake Placid is planning to use a damn at Chubb River to generate hydroelectric power – hydroelectric power which could then be used to generate hydrogen to power vehicles. Says

Hydrogen would become the fuel to power specially fitted police cars and replace costly gasoline. Rogers figures they can save about $40,000 a year by doing that.

So far, the New York Power Authority has shown strong interest in funding part of the million dollar project. Their local congresswoman is also seeking funds.

Greenbang is wondering if Lake Placid might want to make it a hatrick and put solar panels on the hydrogen vehicles for good measure?

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