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Humankind at risk as resources dry up

889947_hello_world.jpgA UN report says humanity is in serious danger of killing itself if it continues to use the planet’s resources in the same way at the same rate it does now.

The Times has this, but it’s not for the weak-hearted. Actually it’s pretty grim:

The speed at which mankind has used the Earth’s resources over the past 20 years has put “humanity’s very survival” at risk, a study involving 1,400 scientists has concluded.

The environmental audit, for the United Nations, found that each person in the world now requires a third more land to supply his or her needs than the Earth can supply.

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  • Ron Phillips
    Posted October 30, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    It is encouraging to see this market finally starting to mature. The “green home” is an answer to GHG emissions reduction and a way for each of us to contribute. Buildings and homes consume more energy than any other sector of the economy, including transportation and industry.

    Here in Florida we are set to make dramatic changes similar to the activities in California. We should see substantial progress after the first of the year when Governor Crist makes his policy decisions after signing Executive Orders at the Miami Climate Summit this last July.

    At the state level we are working on a “Florida Solar Roof Initiative” with the assistance from Vote Solar:

    We are also working on a local level. If awarded funding from the Florida Renewable Energy Technologies Grant Program we intend to build a model net zero energy home and use it for education and training for builders and other industry professionals on renewable energy systems, such as PV, BIPV, solar domestic water heaters, and other high-tech energy efficient products. Our goal is to provide and expand the knowledge base for these types of products and stimulate the market for their use in new home construction. The new housing market in Florida is normally about 100,000 units a year. We have had a slump recently which is similar to activities across the U.S., but with 4,400 people moving to the Sunshine State every week we don’t expect the slow down to last long.

    I welcome the interest in environmental issues. In 1977 I purchased my first new home and at that time wondered why we didn’t have solar electric roofing as an option. I guess we are slow to accept change and it sometimes takes major events to shake up our priorities.

    Ron Phillips
    Solar Unlimited Network

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