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HSBC launches climate change index

logo-1.gifWoooh – someone’s got a brand new index, and they’re not afraid to show it off.

But what are they gonna do with it, Batman?

The HSBC Global Climate Change Benchmark Index has been designed to reflect and track the stock market performance of key companies that are best placed to profit from the challenges presented by climate change.

So get your skates on, if you’re trying to get in on the big green bang/boom – you know what we mean.

There are four investable climate change indices that can be used to create portfolios for a diverse range of investment needs such as long only funds, hedge funds, exchange traded funds, discretionary funds and structured products. The indices are:

·     HSBC Climate Change Index
·     HSBC Low Carbon Energy Production Index (including: solar, wind,
biofuels, geothermal)
·     HSBC Energy Efficiency & Energy Management Index (including: Fuel
Efficiency Autos, Energy Efficient Solutions, fuelcells)
·     HSBC Water, Waste & Pollution Control Index (including: water
recycling, waste technologies, environmental pollution control)

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