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HSBC gives discounts to green business

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HSBC is giving product discounts to “eco-friendly” businesses in China.

The bank is selling “Green Equipment Financing” in Hong Kong and on the mainland , and claims to “support your investment in eco-friendly equipment, helping you meet regulatory compliance and save operating costs, while contributing to both the environment and your profit.”

Businesses that deploy equipment in Hong Kong or mainland China are eligible to apply for the Green Equipment Financing scheme if they fulfil one or more of the following environmental protection criteria:

• Reduce energy consumption
• Save water
• Make more efficient use of production materials
• Reduce fuel use
• Eliminate or control noise
• Minimise waste, in particular toxic waste, generation, and
• Prevent pollution to air, land or water.

Greenbang thinks one is a bit weak for a company with Sir Nigel Stern at the green wheel.

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