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HSBC and Met Office team up on climate change research

HSBC has teamed up with the Met Office to provide fund managers with a tool to monitor the potential impact of climate change on investment portfolios.

In addition to the Met Office the bank has also teamed up with Ernst & Young’s Renewable Energy and Environmental Infrastructure Advisory, Risk Management Solutions and New Energy Finance to create the Climate Change Research Facilitation Programme.

Samir Assaf, head of global markets for HSBC Global Banking and Markets, said:

“Climate change is set to be one of the defining investment opportunities in the years ahead. Companies are realising that they have to adapt to meet the challenges of climate change.”

Robert Napier, Met Office chairman, adds:

“The impact of climate change and weather on our world has been accepted by the finance industry as a key driver of financial decision making. Through the use of our expert research and advice, fund managers will be able to better manage their risks and adapt portfolios to meet the challenges of our changing climate.”

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  • Manjit Saikia
    Posted October 15, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    It is highly commendable that more and more institutions are opening up to Climate Change research. We need to find a way to tackle a problem we created.

    Speaking of Climate Change Management, though it is a new career field, many oil and gas companies are in a lookout for environmentally-savvy managers who can deliver energy efficiency, low carbon emission, smart buildings as well as sustainable business practices.

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