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HP recycles 1/2 billion kgs of kit (not all at once)

recycleWell, 453, 592, 370 kilograms, to be precise. Or a billion pounds, which has a nice ring to it. However you want to weigh it up, it’s a pretty good effort from the tech giant.

The company said it has tried to minimize electronic waste going into landfills and help its customers dispose of products in ways that are environmentally safe, such as through donation, trade-in, asset recovery and leasing. Metals and plastic recovered from items recycled by the company have been made into products such as auto body parts, plastic clothing hangers, toys, roof tiles, fence posts and serving trays.

What’s even more interesting is the rate of expansion. HP’s had a recycling programme in place for 20 years. It had recycled half a billion pounds by 2004 (ie, over about 17 years) and took just another 3 years for the next half billion. In the next 3 years, it plans to double this.

Better yet, it’s not just a chore, but HP’s chief reckons it’s good business too, although he’s a little vague on exactly what this means:

“Environmental responsibility is good business,” said Mark Hurd, HP chairman and chief executive officer, in a statement. “We’ve reached the tipping point where the price and performance of IT are no longer compromised by being green, but are now enhanced by it.”

All the same, jolly good effort chaps.

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