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HP kicks off data centre energy help

images.jpgMore data centre news… but this time there’s help on the way.

HP (not the sauce company pictured as a clever-clogs  Greenbanger joked) has launched new services to help customers  design a next-generation data centre.

HP sauce is rather wonderful with a big fat bacon sandwich. Sorry, it must be data centre news overloading. Cannot compute.

Power features of the futuristic havens for IT come forthwith:

            Energy and space efficient – addresses energy efficiency and facilities utilization requirements for power and space usage leading to a reduction in operational costs from real estate, power and cooling;

But the company is also offering HP Data Center [that should be ‘centre’ but we know you guys over the pond have trouble with that one] Services – short term service engagements to support efficiency challenges.

Bundled into that package, you get:

·            Optimization services – HP provides data center optimization services and assessments that focus on either availability levels or the entire data center environment. These optimization services address a range of areas including IT security risk, ITSM readiness, energy efficiency, cluster consistency, availability and health-checks. An example is HP Thermal Assessment Services with the new, first of its kind 3D Thermal Zone Mapping:  This service helps customers identify ways to reduce cost while increasing energy efficiency, capacity, and availability.

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