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How to park 144 bicycles in a 7-metre space

eco-cycleWhy does it always seem that when you solve one problem, you create another one? Consider making the switch from cars to bikes: while it’s very nice for reducing pollution, saving on fuel costs and getting some exercise, what do you do when the sidewalk bike racks are filled to overflowing?

Giken, a clever firm in Japan has developed a nifty solution: Eco-cycle, an automated system for underground bicycle parking. The concept is brilliant, but so is the execution. The above-ground operation booth requires only an area 7 metres in diameter (an absolute must in space-challenged Japan), automation keeps operating costs low and the underground parking system is spacious enough to accommodate up to 144 bicycles, sight unseen.

Oh, as an added bonus, the entire system can be installed in just 50 working days.

You can see more images and videos of the Eco-cycle system in action here.

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