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How mulchable is a Mac?

Greenbang is furious.

Already today, he has managed to mess up the contents of his accounting spreadsheet and delete a Greenbang film he made – he was quite proud of that as it took a day or so to put together.

Of course it’s not his fault. The Apple PowerBook is in danger of being thrown into the tree mulcher on the street, which is crunching branches outside and making a right din.

Part of the problem is that you can’t go back in time or rescue deleted files with this clever machine. Even with all the tools that are about these days.

But then it got him thinking. Half the data on this pesky machine is rubbish. He never looks at it and there’s a ton of duplications stored on it.

Now zoom out and look at the big picture –  think of how much data is being stored on every machine that no one needs? Quite a lot GB reckons – especially in big companies that are scared to death of deleting anything.

And if that data is held on hard disk, that’s quite a lot of power required for something that’s useless.

Greenbang’s thinking there’s a market for data spring cleaning.

Of course, your data tape specialists will leap up from their PlayStations at this point to say “tape doesn’t require power”.

Fair point. But that’s no good here. Right now I need my files back.

So – back to the Mac and the mulcher.  Greenbang reckons he could drop kick it into the tree-eating machine from the window. But that might not comply with the health and safety regulations…Then again  it might save a few of those trees outside.

Stand by for the next Greenbang movie: “How mulchable is a Mac?”

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