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How many hybrids will Honda sell?

tyres1.jpgEarlier this week, Greenbang asked you to guess how many people drive a Prius. Today, there’s the second leg of the eco-car guessing game. It’s called guess how many models of its new hybrid car Honda expects to sell annually?

You’ve got 30 seconds (feel free to imagine the Countdown music playing for extra effect).

So, what’s your guess? Was it 200,000? Good guess!

Yep, Honda expects to sell 200,000 hybrid cars, following the introduction of a new model early next year. And there’s more: Honda’s also planning to introduce a “new sporty hybrid based on the CR-Z, Civic Hybrid, and the addition of a Fit Hybrid model”.

Take a guess what those four models are expected to sell annually? Right again! It’s 500,000 units.

This cavalcade of numbers comes courtesy of a speech by Honda’s CEO earlier this week. Here’s more deets from him on the car itself:

With a convenient and compact 5-door/5-passenger size and an exterior design that employs the concept of the FCX Clarity, this vehicle will achieve unique and highly innovative characteristics as a dedicated hybrid model.

For its hybrid system, a compact, lightweight, and highly-efficient IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) system was developed with the idea of providing motor assist when it is necessary during startup and acceleration while relying on the engine as the main power source.

Through a newly developed platform which positions the control unit and battery underneath the cargo space, this new dedicated hybrid vehicle achieves light and comfortable driving. It is nearing final development as a vehicle that creates a new world of driving that is not offered by a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle.

Various technologies, including a function to assist more fuel efficient driving, are being installed to achieve a further improvement of practical fuel efficiency, so that customers can actually experience the excellent fuel efficiency of this vehicle.

Moreover, in addition to weight reduction, significant cost reduction was achieved through various measures including making key components of the system such as the control unit and battery more compact, creating a thinner motor, and further advancing the equipment and processes used to produce the motor.

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