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Half of Climate Change Capital sold for £56 million

pounds.jpgFour companies are buying half of low carbon investment bank Climate Change Capital Group (or CCC if you’re feeling informal). Greenbang’s no financial advisor, but she’d recommend the quartet should ask for the 50 percent with the cash vault in, or failing that, the bit with the pens on chains in.

The four investors in CCC, which specialises in investing in carbon offsetting and cutting ventures, are Alliance Trust, The Universities Superannuation Scheme, SNS REAAL, a Dutch based banking and insurance business and Japanese trading house Mitsui & Co Ltd.

Between them, the four will pay £56 million and will share 50 percent of the bank between them – the cash will be used to help fund CCC’s growth plans. The foursome has also promised to contribute £20 million for a “new fund of funds”.

Yep, a “new fund of funds”. No, Greenbang neither.

Here’s a little bit about Climate Change Capital and what they do, to keep you going:

CCC operates three transactional teams:

• Carbon Finance: develops and manages funds that invest in Green House Gas (“GHG”) reduction projects and their underlying assets, primarily in the developing world. The funds also invest in companies that provide technologies or services facilitating GHG reductions. The Climate Change Capital Carbon Funds have over €800 million under management.

• Fund Management: Develops and manages funds that invest in companies, projects and technologies that provide products or services facilitating climate change mitigation or adaptation. Through the Ventus group of listed Venture Capital Trusts and The Climate Change Capital Private Equity Fund, CCC has in excess of €250 million under management for investing in clean technology, clean fuels and renewable energy.

• Advisory: provides financial, strategic and policy advice to energy-intensive industries, financial institutions, clean technology companies and governments.

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