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Haitian aid effort needs solar chargers, water purification

Haiti_Quake_MapWhile cash donations are the first request from aid groups responding to the deadly earthquake in Haiti, renewable energy can contribute to the relief and recovery efforts now underway.

The medical aid organisation Partners in Health, for example, is in desperate need of items like solar chargers and water purification technologies that don’t require electricity. Currently, a few solar-powered traffic lights are providing the only nighttime illumination in a few spots of Port-au-Prince, the Telegraph reports.

Read the post at TED to learn more.

The crowdsourcing site Ushahidi has also quickly begun building an online platform for Haiti. Ushahidi lets users submit reports on the location of crises in different countries, and its Haiti site is allowing people on the ground to pinpoint on a map specific places where help is immediately needed, such as extracting a survivor out of rubble.

2 thoughts on “Haitian aid effort needs solar chargers, water purification”

  1. The Haitians must be the unluckiest people in the world, getting stuck twice by a huge earthquake is unheard of.

    I`m glad that solar power is playing a huge part in this mess. Hopefully people will understand that it`s not only used or meant for the tree huggers.

  2. Big Frog Mountain Corporation is a solar wholesaler based in Chattanooga, TN and has been providing solar contracting work & support in Haiti for many years now. We have a contracting company already set up in Haiti and will be there setting up solar & other alternative energy power systems throughout the Haitian region within the next week. If there’s anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone- (423)-265-0307 or by email-

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