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Guess how many people drive a Prius

prius.JPGIf you were sitting around wondering how many hybrid cars are filling the driveways of Europe, mop your fevered brow and breathe out, for Greenbang has some info to share with you.

The info in question is the amount of Priuses (is that the plural of Prius? Or should it be Pri-ii? Answers on a postcard) that have been shifted to Europeans. And that number is…


That’s how many Priuses have been sold to Europeans since 2000, according to Toyota and a third of that number leaving the theoretical shelves in the last year.

And, says Toyota, this year, it plans to get its hybrid sales from both Toyota and Lexus up by 20 percent and wants to have one million hybrids on the road by the start of next year, with 10 percent of that number coming from Europe.

And, if you’re loving the stats, then hold hard for Greenbang has more: according to Toyota, there are around one and a half million Toyota hybrid motors on the road at the moment, and around one million of which are sailing under the Prius flag.

So now you know.


  • Tom Hoover
    Posted May 21, 2008 at 11:17 pm

    If the car they were driving before got 25 miles to a gallon, and now they get on average 45/gal. And they drive on average 1,500 miles per month. For every 10,000 Prius on the road we save about 3,348,000 gallons annually. Now there are 1,000,000 on the road. That equals 3,348,000,000,000 gallons saved annualy worldwide. WOW!!!!!

    Posted May 19, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    Prius is the Plural of Prius.
    One Prius, Two Prius, Three Prius…

    For a video of a Prius getting 191mpg, U.S.,
    Search YouTube for “191mpg”

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