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Greenline lands $20m for biodiesel designing

fat.jpgThere are many memorable things about The Producers. Springtime for Hitler and Germany, for example, tends to stick in the mind. The comedy, the glitz, the knob gags. Producers of biodiesel, though – not so flash.

Still, they might not inspire the sort of quotes people practice down the pub with their mates, but Greenbang reckons Mel Brooks never got $20 million in series A funding either. Swings and roundabouts.

Biodiesel production systems company Greenline Industries has hooked itself the $20 million funding from venture capital Leaf Clean Energy Company this week and says it will use the cash to expand R&D efforts and create new products to lower the cost of biodiesel production.

Here’s more on what they do:

Greenline is a leading provider of modular waterless systems that produce biodiesel. Greenline facilities provide multiple feedstock choices through computer controlled continuous flow control technology that optimizes the mix of catalyst, methanol and oils. Greenline pioneered the innovative technology that utilizes a patented Rohm and Haas ion-exchange resin to purify the biodiesel, thereby eliminating the energy intensive problems of removing process water from the fuel and treating the wastewater. Greenline also recently introduced a non-polluting, non chemical, free fatty acid stripper pre-treatment module that enables producers to process less expensive feedstock, including virtually any quality of animal fat.

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