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GreenChek brings hydrogen tech to UK

greenchekSan Francisco-based GreenChek, a hydrogen injection technology manufacturer and distributor, has received its first order from its new UK distributor, Technical Environmental Solutions Europe Limited (TESEL). Over the next few years, GreenChek expects the relationship to yield many millions in sales.

TESEL plans to begin installing GreenChek’s ERD 1.0 emissions reductions devices on commercial transport vehicles during the second quarter of this year. Over the next four years, it hopes to install a total of 2,200 devices at an estimated gross revenue of €8.8 million.

“We are pleased to begin our European launch,” said Lincoln Parke, President of GreenChek. “Worldwide emphasis on emission reduction technologies, green government tax incentives, along with our “8% Fuel Saving Guarantee” is expected to continue to spur economic growth and create commercial demand for our renewable energy product line throughout Europe in 2009 and beyond.”

GreenChek’s ERD 1.0, which can be adapted to any combustion engine, uses onboard hydrogen generation and injection (OHGI) technology to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The technology works by using engine energy to separate distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen, then injecting those elements into the engine to improve efficiency.

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