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Greenbang wants you(r thoughts on the Climate Change Bill)

sun2.jpgSo, the eagle has landed. Slap. Like a big pile of papers that everyone knew the content of before they were officially released. For that is what happened.

The Climate Change Bill can be found at Defra – peruse at your discretion.

Greenbang sees it in one of two ways:

1) A genuinely groundbreaking first, that will do more for the environment than an effective human form of bird flu – certainly that’s how Environment Secretary Hilary Benn is championing it.

“This Bill is a landmark in environmental legislation and will set us firmly on the path to the low-carbon economy we know is fundamental to our future.   We need to provide the framework that will give Government, businesses and individuals a clear idea of how we’re going to tackle climate change.

“We also need to show the world that we’re taking decisive action within our own borders, particularly ahead of the crucial talks in Bali next month where we want to launch formal negotiations on a comprehensive future climate deal that involves every major country on earth.

“This Bill shows the world that we’re serious, and that we’re not asking other countries, and in particular poorer countries, to do what we’re not willing to do ourselves.  This is vital to our ambition to get a future deal agreed by the end of 2009.”

2) An unambitious cop-out. Which will do about as much for the environment as Greenbang not changing his pants for a week. Or maybe her knickers.

Yes. Greenbang wants your thoughts. Is Greenbang a boy or a girl. And what about this bill. Good, bad, pig ugly? You decide. Go on…

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