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Greenbang visits Tesla and Vantage Point

fullautoabove-1.jpeg It’s lovely weather over in San Francisco today, but there have been few opportunities to go out and enjoy the sun.

This week has been packed with interviews, starting with a bulk-load of Ciscoitus, and moving onto some greener technology and venture capitalist firms.

Today it’s one of Greenbang’s favourite green companies of all – Tesla, the electric car company. If you haven’t heard of their sports cars (priced at around $100,000), you soon will – the company is about to launch a range of cars that mere mortals without fat wallets can afford.

Greenbang is praying for a testdrive – in which case, we’ve got the video camera.

Vantage Point is a venture capitalist company with fingers firmly wedged into the Tesla pie and other green companies. We’re off to see them today too.

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