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Greenbang sustainability awards: Think you can make the cut?

Stop the press!!

Calling all you green business gurus out there: we’re getting ready to host Greenbang’s annual awards for sustainability. Think your technology or strategy can make the cut? Let us know!

Set to be presented this July, our awards are aimed at recognising the gamut of sustainable technologies and initiatives, including:

  • Best IT technology
  • Best data centre innovation
  • Most promising water technology
  • Most promising carbon capture and storage innovation
  • Best public-sector green initiative
  • Best development in sustainable food production
  • Top smart-grid technology
  • Best cleantech investor
  • Best corporate responsibility project
  • Best low-energy building innovation
  • Most innovative green PR campaign
  • Best advance for carbon-free transport
  • Green leader 2010
  • Green villain 2010

Do any outstanding candidates besides your own venture come to your mind? Let us know that, too, and we’ll keep you posted as we develop our shortlist.

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