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Greenbang named a top low-carbon blog

tripbase-low-carbon-8-awardGreenbang has been named a top low-carbon blog by Tripbase, an online source for personalised vacation ideas.

In naming the winners of the Tripbase Travel Blog Awards 2009, Tripbase selected Greenbang as the number-eight low-carbon blog. The number-one title went to Treehugger.

Tripbase created the awards to acknowledge travel blogging excellence and recognize the role bloggers play in today’s travel market. Two green travel categories, as well as several walking and cycling blogs, were included, reflecting the rising trend in eco-friendly travel.

“We were surprised by the number of green travel blogs out there — a sign that people are becoming more eco-conscious when they travel,” said Reuven Levitt, CEO and co-founder of Tripbase. “From travelogues to region-specific content, practical guides and niche topics, the standard was consistently high.”

The judging panel consisted of a team of experts who scoured the Internet for the very best travel blogs. The blogs were then short-listed via a rigorous selection process, taking in factors such as information, writing style, design, etc.

Other Tripbase Travel Blog award winners include:

Founded in May 2007, Tripbase pioneered the Internet’s first “destination discovery engine.” It was named Top Travel Website for Destination Ideas by Travel and Leisure magazine in November 2008.

The badge itself links back to the awards page, which in turn explains what the awards are all about. Here is the URL of the specific award you have won, as well as a URL to the main awards page.

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  • lee
    Posted October 11, 2009 at 9:52 am

    And may I say it certainly deserves the award.

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