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Greenbang meets Doctor Who

Doctor WhoGreenbang’s just had a result – he was walking down the street when who should be walking the other way but 4th Doctor Who, Tom Baker.

This was the moment Greenbang had waited for since he was a boy –  Doctor Who was his hero.

“Hello Mr Baker,” Greenbang said, wondering if he’d be ignored.

“Oh hello,” said the Doctor, stretching out a hand. Greenbang shook it.

“I just wanted to say I’m a lifelong fan – I was a Doctor Who nut when I was a kid,” said Greenbang.

“Oh thank Christ for that. I thought we’d been working together last week and I’d forgotten your name. Well it was very nice to meet you. And thank you.”

Greenbang walked away. All those Jim’ll-Fix-It letters had paid off after all.

Greenbang then wondered how he could find a green angle in his blog for this.

But he couldn’t. This one was just too good to leave out.

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