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Greenbang: a new look and feel

gbRegular visitors to Greenbang may have noticed a new look and feel about it in the past few days. We’ve just switched to a new template that we hope is cleaner and easier to read than before. It should also be a bit faster, as you’re probably just as impatient as we often are.

It might also mean you can’t find some things that used to be on the sidebar before, like recent comments or posts, and the list of sites we often find ourselves browsing. They’ve not gone missing, but scroll down to the end of the site and you’ll see a strip at the bottom with much of this, neatly tucked away. And the “links” tab at the top gives you our blogroll.

We hope you like it as much as we do. But if you’ve got any comments or suggestions, just get in touch, we’d love to hear them.

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