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Green to lose out in vanilla funding battle?

ipo.jpgIf you’re feeling a bit on the shaky side after all the talk of sub prime-related economic meltdown, then you’d probably best not read the rest of this. Go on – put on an episode of the Good Life or something and take it easy.

For those of a slightly hardier constitution, you can read the comments today in Reuters about Wall Street getting the heebie jeebies about green investment.

“Right now with the stock market not being its healthiest, the sort of plain vanilla non-emerging technologies — those are the projects that are going to get financed,” Aaron Lubowitz, managing director in Morgan Stanley’s global structured products group, said during a panel at the Clean-tech Investor Summit in Indian Wells, California.

The alternative energy sector has long had a difficult time building big projects. The stage between successfully developing a new technology and amassing scale is often referred to in the industry as the “Valley of Death,” Dan Reicher, director of climate and energy initiatives for Google Inc’s philanthropic arm said on Wednesday.

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