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Green tech could save US govt $275 million

coins2.jpg Greenbang had a dream last night she’d invented a new super efficient biofuel. She was very excited about the whole thing and thought she should rush online and tell you about what she’d discovered.

Then she realised it was a dream and was grossly disappointed. So here’s some real news instead: according to InfoWorld, research has found that implementing green tech could save the US government $275 million a year.

Granted, the research was done by the very companies who just happen to sell the products the Feds would need to save that kind of cash, but there you go. Here’s more:

The short of it: Were the Feds to upgrade all of their PCs, monitors, and servers to energy-efficient alternatives, and were they to adopt some power-saving technologies like virtualization, they could save taxpayers around $275 million in energy costs per year, according to the reports from HP and Intel. In the process, the sustainability move would ease the pressure on the nation’s overstrained power grid by one billion kWh per year.Breaking it down, HP and Intel assert in “Go Green Power Play” that the Feds could drive down their datacenter energy costs, estimated at around $479.5 million annually, by as much as 40 percent (that is, around $192 million) by employing various green technologies. Those include virtualization, consolidation, better cooling technology (specifically HP’s own Dynamic Smart Cooling and Thermal Mapping technologies), more energy-efficient IT systems (specifically Intel-powered machines from HP), and power-distribution efficiencies.

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