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Green spending to hit $500bn in 2008

cashAlthough we can’t find out exactly how the data was gathered, a new survey from PR outfit Cohn & Wolfe reckons that consumer spending on green products and services will double to $500bn next year.

There’s a bunch of waffle that follows, including a bit that categorises us into a range of consumer types — from “dull green” to “bright green”. First we’re mules and peacocks, now we’re wallpaper colours…

 Extending the work released earlier this year that defined five “green attitudes,” ranging from “Bright Green” to “Dull Green,” today’s findings highlight the political and emotional state of each group. Dull Green respondents, for example, who are characterized by making a minimum effort to support environmental change, prioritize crime reduction, religious organizations and healthcare as their main causes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the majority of Bright Green respondents, or those who are doing everything they can to make a long-term impact on their environment, care most about the environment, animal rights and education. One in five Dull Greens is satisfied with the current state of the environment, while, Bright Greens remain sad and skeptical about the future outlook and one in three even feel anger about the situation.


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