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Green school promises self-sufficiency and leading technology

Little Anglesey could be leading the way when it comes to green initiatives and getting kiddies involved with green technology.

Yesterday a ceremony marked the start of work on a ‘green’ primary school which will produce its own electricity and sell the rest to the national grid.

Green and profitable? That’s what we like.

The new ‘Ysgol-y-Graig’ on the outskirts of Llangefni opens in 2008.

The BBC has the details:

The design includes solar roof tiles, a wind turbine and a natural habitat for plants and insects on the roof.
The school is set to replace the current building on an industrial estate.
Council leader Gareth Winston Roberts described it as a “real landmark project”.
It will be the first new school building on the island since 2002.
“In an age where tackling climate change is high on everyone’s agenda, this new school will be state of the art in terms of sustainability and environmental design,” Mr Roberts added.

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