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Green business park for start-ups

Everyone knows London’s West End is the best place for theatre, that you would head down to Canary Wharf for finance and to Soho for, um, less salubrious things.

But, up until now, there’s not really been a UK hub for sustainable business.

Now Sea Space has announced development of a series of ‘green’ business parks on the outskirts of Hastings and Bexhill.

Not only is the park being built in a sustainable fashion, using products like Hemcrete, sustainable urban drainage systems and biomass boilers, it will be powered using wind and solar energy.

Sea Space project director John Shaw said:

“When we undertook research amongst companies across the south east they told us loud and clear that they place extremely high importance on being green but they aren’t achieving it with their current premises.”

The developers hope to attract businesses at the forefront of the environmental technology sector as well as other firms seeking to minimise their ecological impact.

Construction work on the first phase is due to begin next month.

More on the eco-friendly business park here.

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  • Jamie Cullum
    Posted September 25, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    A beautiful business park by the sea. Lovely!

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